Make several tests to reach a good code coverage and verify if results are as expected.

Proposed tests to develop

  • check parsing
  • read a synthetic data and verify theoretical behaviour
  • Check paths and files
  • Verify means in statistical distributions
  • Try different statistical distributions
  • Compare results with other tools

Testing tools and procedures

In order to make testing, we should use any of the following tools:

pytest examples

“pytest will run all files of the form test_*.py or *_test.py in the current directory and its subdirectories.” So, simply go to the tst directory, and run pytest.

In the environment:

In the code (example from pytest documentation):

How to run test:

From the CLI, write:

** coverage **

Desde el entorno, instalar los paquetes coverage y pytest-cov:

Para calcular la cobertura de código, correr:

Se puede integrar el pytest con el codecov: